Functional idiot…volunteer servant in Asia…disillusioned Baptist…and now a simple Christian.

Pressing The Issue deals with personal and pertinent issues, because happiness is the truth. Most of the blogs center on theological and social issues that impact our lives. It is my sincere desire to be a help and a blessing to all, because this thing we call life can be difficult at times. Hopefully we can work through the trials and tribulations of our daily living, grow, move forward and become better persons. Me included!

I love to write; hence, this blog.



Welcome to my world


6 responses to “About”

  1. LF6 (@lightfightersix) says :

    Greetings brother, from the latter part of your opening sentence we have much in common. Row well and stop by TSS site if there is anything we can pray with you about. II TIM 2:3, LF6


  2. Pete Deakon says :

    Hey Brother Dave,

    I owe you a big apology. I apologize for responding to you in the tone I did and would ask you to just be patient with me. I am/was going through some intense stuff and I allowed simple fatigue to get the better of me. I am not entirely sure what you’re up to these days, but know that I, even when we disagree, think you’re doing it right and hope that someday I can live as you do. Okay. Happy New Year.



    • Brother Dave says :

      Brother, your kind words were an answer to pray. It has always been my intent that my posts be helpful and not hurtful. Why? Simple! I love everyone.

      Honestly, I was not offended by your earlier comments and I truly appreciate your understanding that we can disagree.

      It has always been my habit to never block or unfollow anyone. Leaving the door open for continued communication has returned manifold blessings for all readers; me included!

      Keep reading the Scriptures and keep writing. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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