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Those Who Bend And Twist The Scriptures

I try my very best to resist posting an opposing viewpoint on another person’s wall. Why? Because I know that my post will become the target of those who seem to delight in “Tag Team” rebuttals. The older I have become, the less resilient I have become; hence, going toe-to-toe with many opponents, all at the same time, just wears me out. Of course, that is the nature of institutionalized religion; folks champion what they love…or what they have been taught. People will die to protect their “Sacred Cow”, but they will not even work up a good sweat to present the Gospel to lost souls.

The other day I saw a post regarding Hebrews 10:25. Would it surprise you to know that the word “Assembling” only appears twice in the KJB? The other reference is found in Exodus 38:8 which deals with the tabernacle; could it get anymore Jewish than that? And there in Hebrews 10 the apostle is showing the weakness and imperfection of the Levitical dispensation. The chapter, yea, the entire Book of Hebrews is written to the Nation of Israel.

The discussion, if you could actually call it that, centered on folks getting together to worship the Lord. Great idea! What a blessing to fellowship with other believers and lift up our Lovely Jesus. The downside of the discussion always occurs when people want to bend and twist the scriptures to make them fit their theology (Read traditions of men here).

Look, it is my heart’s desires that people will gather together, sing hymns, give testimonies, exhort one another and hear preaching. But I am not going to bend and twist the Word of God just to make someone happy or avoid a disagreement. Why? Because when you do so, and further down the road a new disciple sees that you have wrested the Word of God, it often wrecks their Christian walk. Plain and simple, you have lied to them.

Hebrews 10:25 is referring to the Nation of Israel and history (If you ever cared to read some) concretely verifies what was occurring at that particular point in history. Jewish converts in the Church (The Body of Christ) were being persecuted! Many had stopped “Assembling” together to avoid becoming the target of this harassment and oppression. They had resorted to meeting privately in small groups to minimize their “Assembling” from being detected by the persecutors.

In addition to those who wrest the scriptures, there is the other group who wants to spiritualize everything; especially when it fits their theology. And we could easily say that Hebrews 10:25 could be spiritually applied to Gentiles believers. But where do you draw the line? Why not spiritualize all of the Levitical Law? Next week have the pastor slaughter a bull or goat and then make it a burnt offering. Get the point? The Word of God is a book of doctrine, history and spirit, but that does not give readers the liberty to spiritualize verses to make them fit within the framework of their beliefs; any more than it would be proper to make a doctrinal application of scripture specifically given to the Nation of Israel to Gentiles and the Church today.

And finally, let’s address those who have forced the verse into their theology. They are a stubborn lot and rely heavily on denominational teaching, even when it cannot be found anywhere in the scriptures. I mean, come on folks, give me one verse regarding Sunday School, Mid-Week Prayer Service, Bus Ministries, Vacation Bible School, Midnight Cries, Pastor’s Retreats, Couples Dinner’s, Church Bookstores, etc. Now before you go off half-cocked, I am not saying these things are wrong, in and of themselves. When they become erroneous is when you look down your nose at others who do not have them within their administration (The manner in which God has directed each ministry). “And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.” (1 Corinthians 12:5) Probably why I like feeding the hungry because I can find that in scriptures and as an example set forth by my Saviour. Who are you going to follow; Jesus Christ or your denominational guidelines?

OK. So you are a militant fundamentalist and you believe everyone else is a compromiser…except you. And everybody else is wrong.

Next time we will see how they bend and twist this verse to fit their denominational learning: “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.”

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