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Artificial Light, Traditions of Men, Private Interpretation and Orthodox Convictions.

False Teachers

Their ignorance confounds me. They never accepted the truth, but were spoon fed lies, half-truths and were deceived; just like I was.

They stubbornly insist they believed the right things too. Impossible! It should be obvious to them, even in their blatant blindness, that they too have been deceived by errant teachers. Think, people!

I can’t stand being around them, but I have no choice. We’re all stuck together in this one awful space. I have to share the toxic fumes of their collective stupidity. I can deal with chronic pain, because I can adapt. The real torment is being stuck in this realm with these stiff-necked fools.

They argue a lot and it frustrates me to no end. Once in a while I try to interject the truth from the Scriptures, but they look at me like I’m some kind of idiot. So I just shut up and let them fruitlessly bicker among themselves. How can they be so blind?

I suppose they’re just trying to figure out why they’ve bought into the lies they have been taught. But I know exactly why. So I tell them! Yes, I do. Because that’s what I should do! I’m just trying to be a light here. So I say something like, “It’s because you followed after the teaching of men and forsook the Scriptures!” But they don’t care about what I’m saying. A look of irate disdain comes over their faces. So I shout over their opinions, “You didn’t believe then, so you won’t believe now! Just face it: YOU WERE WRONG!”

And no matter how much I try to withdraw myself from them and their bickering, we eventually drift together into a contesting cluster…me with these argumentative fools.

I’ll admit I was wrong to think that people would regret their error. But no! Every one of them still believes they were right. Blind guides!

No matter how clearly I explain everything to them directly from the Word of God…they refuse to be convinced, but instead entrench even more in their own personal brand of insanity.

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