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Greetings Family,

Another day in quarantine.

I walked 2 miles to the supermarket looking for rice. Halfway there I had to pass through a police/military checkpoint. The personnel at the checkpoint did not ask my where I was I going or if I had a Barangay Pass or even for some form of identification. Maybe they they took pity on an old man drenched in perspiration and carry his shopping bag.

When I finally arrived at the supermarket the security guard checked my temperature and it was elevated enough to prevent me from entering the store. Thank you Lord for putting me in the hands of a wise person. The guard discerned that I was probably just overheated from the long journey. He asked me to just sit on a nearby bench and rest for a few minutes.

I got out my hand fan and attempted to cool down. Next I wiped may face down with a sanitizing wipe, because I knew the alcohol would have a cooling effect as it evaporated. The guard motioned me to the door again and he rechecked my temperature. Yes! I was allowed to enter.

The store had plenty of stock and I found the rice I wanted to purchase. I also grabbed a couple packages of frozen items, Penne pasta, spaghetti sauce, several cans of tuna and some butter too. After paying for my purchase I sat down on a bench and wrapped the frozen items in a towel…I knew it was going to be a long, hot walk home. And it was!

Several times I had to stop and cool down. My hands ached from carrying the two shopping bags. And when I finally got to the last street leading home, thinking I couldn’t go on any further, a tricycle stopped right next to me. The passenger got out, looked at me and asked if I needed a ride. Amazing!

So I made through another day!

Please keep praying that God will send us some rain. Some people here have been without a steady supply of water for more than three weeks.

But there is good news to report! Yes, we have another new follower of Pressing the Issue. In keeping with my promise to acknowledge every new family member, let’s all give a warm welcome to tijmenthetraveler.

Stay safe! Practice good hygiene! Maintain social distancing! And pray!


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