Snap Thoughts

I Shall Return

Dear Blog Family,

It is that time once again. On Wednesday morning at 7:45 I will be boarding a plane headed to Manila. Then on the 22nd I will continue on to Vietnam.

Please pray for me as this will be my first visit to a Communist country. Many expats that live in Vietnam have cautioned me about the many scams that are prevalent there. So please pray for protection and wisdom.

As most of you know I no longer carry my laptop because my air fare is for travel with carry-on baggage only. I fly cheap; (smile) hence, we are restricted to a weight limit of only 7 KG’s. I am left with only my smartphone and it is far too difficult to write and post using my phone’s keyboard.

I will gone for 12 days. Hopefully all of you will remain faithful followers during this scheduled journey. I shall return. Promise!

I love you all. I will miss you. See you in two weeks.

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