Taste Bud Flashback

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Like most things in this life, there are pros and cons; basically, it’s not a perfect world. Living on a remote island that has a tropical climate surrounded by exquisite white sand beaches definitely is a plus! Seafood is plentiful and inexpensive, fresh fruits are readily available and street vendors offer a unique variety of sumptuous culinary delights. Swim! Eat! Enjoy the sunshine! Sorry old friends, forgive me, I still dislike cold weather.

However, there are things from my old life that I truly miss. Until yesterday, it had been six years since I last enjoyed a sugary encounter with a Krispy Kreme doughnut. The Glazed Sour Cream Cake Doughnut from Krispy Kreme is my all-time favorite; of course, I will eat any of their tasty treats if my favorite is not available. Smile. Yes…I like doughnuts, but I am particular, so after six years the time had finally arrived to once again revel in the creamy and sugary deliciousness of a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

A few days ago, our daughter had to fly to Manila on a business trip. Upon her return, the family, or most of it, went to fetch her from the airport; it’s customary and that is why our airports are so very crowded. A custom that I do like is known as “pasalubong.” Family members returning home from business or pleasure trips bring with them a small gift, souvenir or tasty treat to share with family and friends. Little did I know…she was bringing with her the motherlode of tasty treats.

After all of the obligatory chit chats…”welcome home” and “how was your flight”…then comes the unveiling of the “pasalubong.” It’s kind of like Christmas, but without the gift wrapping papers. She reaches into her travel bag and pulls out a familiar green and white bag with red letter lettering. “It is probably just a Krispy Kreme bag used to carry something else,” I thought to myself. But when the Krispy Kreme box was removed from the bag I began to salivate like Pavlov’s dog.

She set the box on the table and youngest opened the lid. There it is! I would recognize it anyplace. One, just one lonely Glazed Sour Cream Cake Doughnut sitting right in the middle of the box. Immediately, I began to calculate my chances of getting that particular doughnut. “Hmm.” “Let’s see…many cream-filled doughnuts and the youngest loves cream-filled anything and several chocolate doughnuts that are the favorites of wife and daughter.” So my odds were improving. But wait a minute! Our oldest son will eat anything and that may eliminate the opportunity for me to reunite with my favorite doughnut.

The box moves around the table like a Wheel of Fortune. With each stop my heartbeat races. Eyes scan and hands circulate over those delectable morsels of sugar; each family member trying to determine their selection. I am now thinking, “Hurry up people…you’re not choosing body organs for transplant, their just doughnuts!” I so want to offer suggestions to improve my odds. Things like, “Oh, Cristian…that cream-filled one is stuffed to the max. Or honey, there is your favorite chocolate doughnut.” I mean, it has been six years since my taste buds have experienced the pleasure of eating a…oh, I can hardly utter the words. My subconscious is screaming, “Say it again! Say it louder!” Okay, okay…clam down…the Krispy Kreme Wheel of Fortune is about to stop in front of me.

Lo and behold, it’s there! It made it past four other picks. Hallelujah! With all of the steadiness of a surgeon’s hand I extract my doughnut from the box. Like a wolf standing over a fresh kill, I look to the left and then to the right in protection mode. And don’t even ask for a bite, because this one is mine…all mine. Sorry family, maybe next time.

As I took that first bite it seemed as if I could hear “I Went Into A Dream” playing in my head. It was definitely a taste bud flashback moment. Do I like doughnuts or what? Smile!


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