Adequate, Abundant, Ample

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, PRIDE, FULLNESS OF BREAD, and ABUNDANCE OF IDLENESS was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. (Ezekiel 16:49)

Errant teaching only focuses on the homosexuality. The Scriptures are clear, because it was PRIDE, first and foremost. People have become so fixated on the sodomy; they have missed the weightier matters that gave rise to such wickedness. Bottom line: Pride, ample amounts of food, idleness and greed are at the heart of all the other sins that crept into the land of Sodom.

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom….PRIDE….which was the sin of the Satan and his followers; the sin of our first parents, by which they fell; and is the prevailing, governing, sin of human nature: it has been the ruin of nations, of cities and persons; a sin hateful to God, and destructive to man.

FULNESS OF BREAD….the land of Sodom was very fertile before it was destroyed; it was like the garden of the Lord, Genesis 13:10; it brought forth abundantly, so that there was great fullness of provision. Their bounty was not sinful, but a blessing; it was the Lord’s mercy and goodness to them that they had such plenty; but it was their sin that they abused it.

Such luxury and gluttony; eating and drinking to excess, was also their sin. This fullness of good things enjoyed by them was the source of their pride, and served to increase an ABUNDANCE OF IDLENESS….in her and in her daughters.

Prosperity and ease, security and quietness, at leisure, and without strenuous labor; two words are used to express the same thing, and to denote the abundance of it: sloth and idleness, as they often arise from the goodness and fruitfulness of a country full of provision. They are the cause of much sin and wickedness; for, if persons are not employed in some type of work, they manifest a propensity to do evil.

Neither did she strengthen the hands of the poor and needy. Though they had an abundance of food to supply the poor and needy; and they had manifold leisure time to attend to their distress, their pride prohibited them from doing so. They were too idle and slothful to regard such a duty to their fellow man. Worse yet, they actually debilitated the hands of the poor and needy, and cruelly oppressed them. Such character is not uncommon in proud men; those who revel in great affluence and leisure.


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