The Fire Down Below

One of the most arduous lessons to learn, and accept, is the letting go of those things that can never be. Conversely, they will become the focal point of our thoughts. In moments of solitude and serenity we find ourselves thinking, and dreaming, about what could have been, but knowing full well that it is intangible; neither can it be gotten, nor kept.

We seek to assuage our grief and nurture the hope that time and distance will quell our thoughts of that very thing that brought us so much joy; even though it was fleeting from the onset. So we throw ourselves back into the normalcy of daily living and fill our lives with the rigors of this existence; routines become the anesthetic to soothe our yearning.

Alas, in the depths of our soul one infinitesimal spark still flickers and it can never be extinguished no matter how much effort we exert upon that ember. Quietly we are resigned to wait for the winds of change, to softly blow, and rekindle a dormant flame; a fire that ignites our passion once again.


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Missionary - Teacher - Counselor - Apologist

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