Goals 2015


Being retired now, and not having a “regular” job, (Whatever that is) has somewhat diminished my ambition to set goals for myself. If I were a full-time writer, who was being paid for his work, my views regarding goals would probably be completely different.

Do you want to know the best thing about being retired? It is going to bed and not being required to set an alarm clock. Ah, we are creatures of habit!


That aside, I can definitely see the wisdom of having some type of routine; dare I say “Schedule?” So in the interest of following after the advice of those who are being paid for their writing, I succumb to your greater experience. When seeking knowledge it always pays to follow after someone who is successful in their craft; hence, here are my goals.

  • To write more often and on a regular basis
  • Increase my Twitter following 100% by June
  • Spend more time reading books to help me with blogging
  • Establish a functional and realistic schedule
  • Discover how to reach readers in China and North Korea
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Learn more from others to improve the quality of my life
  • Faithfully follow my calendar
  • Do more editing
  • To be a blessing to others through my writing

Bottom line: I write in the hopes of effecting positive change in this world.


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About Brother Dave

Missionary - Teacher - Counselor - Apologist

One response to “Goals 2015”

  1. "Bethie" says :

    Well done! Good luck on your blogging journey. 😀 “Bethie”


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