Dear scholars and those who think they are the final authority

When words are used to communicate, the meaning is whatever the author intended when the words were originally used. So words have meaning not based on how they are received, but how they were used to communicate. This puts limits on the possible meaning of the words used. Those limits are the ties which bind the meaning of the words to the mind of the author. In order to have meaning, then, we must have an author.

And because the biblical writers wrote within the framework of the possible usages of words at their time, and since that time is complete, the possibility of new definitions of their words has ended.

As the reader or interpreter we must look at a text with the idea that it was written for a purpose. We must try to discover what the author intended to communicate. And we must try to do that without our own biased opinions, speculations or theories and with God’s definitions not ours. There is no guarantee that we will be able to determine the correct interpretation. But assuming our interpretation is correct because it is solely ours is both foolish and arrogant.

God’s Word is His–they are His words. He is not making His Word available to us to be used as it suits us. He has His own purpose for writing.


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